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(via Triskaidekafiles - Where bad horror movies get good reviews - Reviews - Maniac (1980))

We continue the Trisk Rewind looking back at our past reviews, moving along to Day 29, and Maniac, a classic of the genre.

Why is this a classic?  Well, it’s got a bit of a reputation for being violent, and it IS, but at the same time, a lot of the people crying out about this movie never actually SAW it.  There’s been a lot better discussions of the history of this movie than I’m going to bother with here, but suffice to say, this is one of those movies that gets nailed to the wall to make an example of it, than for any actual reason of its content.

It was pure coincidence, as these things often are, that this movie landed back to back with Home Sweet Home, when both are VERY similar in plot, in vague, basic ways.  But the comparing and contrasting between the two was great to experience.

Also, November, 2011 was when I started to do “Fun Facts” at the end of reviews, either making up a silly ‘after the movie’ story for the characters involved, or pointing out silly connections with actors and where they ended up in their careers.  This faded away a bit, but it does still pop up once in awhile, when I have a fun/funny idea.  I think one of the ‘problems’ with the bit, for me at least, was not really having any clear indication of when I was pointing out real facts and fictional ones.

And no, I have not seen the remake with Elijah Wood.  Yet.

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